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Do you remember going to the zoo when you were younger and being so mesmerized by white tigers? They may have stood out to you because they seemed so different than the regular orange colored tiger. Maybe you didn’t see them at the zoo at all because they weren’t as common before. White tigers are actually regular Bengal tigers that express a recessive mutant gene that gives them their rare color.
Published by Arielle Canoza 64 months ago in Genetics & DNA | +0 votes | 0 comments
There are is a lot of pressure to have healthy, smart, and happy kids. There is new technology and methods to ensure certain traits in our kids before they are born. Such methods, specifically Pre Implantation Genetic Disorder, have a lot of potential for both physical and health benefits. This does, however prove to be quite controversial.
Published by Arielle Canoza 64 months ago in Genetic Disorders | +0 votes | 0 comments
There are so many ads and promotions for quick fixes for our populationÂ’s health problems. Many people find it hard to lose weight and are quickly inspired by infomercials of people shedding fat so quickly and easily that it looks impossible. The truth is, for many people, losing weight is extremely difficult. DonÂ’t be discouraged if you are one of these individuals. The reason you canÂ’t shed weight as quickly as the commercials say you can may lie within your genes (your genetic mak...
Published by Arielle Canoza 65 months ago in Wellness | +1 votes | 0 comments